hanging bathroom cabinet
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Why Do You Need a Storage Cabinets in the Bathroom?

A bathroom, as a rule, is not very large. And you have to store a lot of things there: it’s not only shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes and other hygiene items, it’s towels, a basket for dirty laundry, and so on. It is necessary that all this is accessible, and the bathroom looks neat.

Furniture from VASAGLE helps solve this problem. What should be in the bathroom, given its small size? We suggest drawing your attention to the storage cabinets.

Storage cabinets began to be called narrow, elongated cabinets, which may have shelves and even drawers.

bathroom with cabinets
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What is good about this furniture:

  • It takes up very little space, which is very important for small rooms.
  • Despite its small size, it is very roomy and functional.
  • All your household utensils and hygiene items are stored compactly and neatly.
  • Accessories hidden by doors do not clutter the room, a bathroom looks neat and elegant.
  • Once everything is put away, cleaning becomes much easier.

Of course, bathroom storage cabinets are not a mandatory attribute, you can do without it, but it is much better with it, you will quickly appreciate its advantages and understand how much it makes life easier.

Functionality of bathroom cabinets

The functionality of a storage cabinets is determined by their capacity. The height of a bathroom cabinet usually does not exceed two meters. Taller ones can be made to special order, but how will you get things from the top shelves?

brown bathroom cabinet
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The depth can be very different, ranging from 25 to 55 centimeters. Of course, the dimensions of your storage cabinets should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of your room. The internal structure of the storage cabinets consists of shelves, drawers and often a laundry basket – a very pleasant and convenient addition.

Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash