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Useful Information about the Arctic Spa Filter System

The Arctic Spa hydro massage pools are designed specifically for use in low temperature conditions. These jet tubs can be installed right outside even during frost.

When purchasing an Arctic Spa pool, it is necessary to take care of the planned replacement of cartridge filters. The operating manual of your filter should give you more details. In any case, you should buy new hot tub filters in about two years.

What determines the period of use of the filter cartridge in the Spa?

  • If you use the hot tub several times a week, it can cause the filter to wear out in about half the usual time.
  • If your water is very hard, you should also change the filter in the hot tub more often. Hard water can accumulate calcium deposits in your filter. Such water can damage and clog the filter.
  • Change the filters of the Spa pool more often than every two years if you notice that the filter has turned brown or green.
  • From time to time, the Jacuzzi filter cartridge may break and become unusable during prolonged operation. It also needs to be replaced when this happens.
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How to choose a Spa filter?

All Spas have different cartridge filters. For some brands they are interchangeable, for some models special cartridge filters are required that are not suitable for others. You can select a filter in advance according to the main parameters specified in the description for each of them – height, diameter of the filter and the diameter of the seat, as well as the presence or absence of a threaded connection. It is better to use filter replacement kits. For example, you can purchase one of the Arctic Spa Pro Filter Adapter Kit options below.

What is included in the extended package:

  • 2x Adapters for basic filters;
  • 4x Threaded inserts;
  • 2x Caps for Filter Adapters;
  • 2x Inserts to reduce the filter slot.

What is included in the optimal package:

  • 2x Adapters for basic filters;
  • 2x Filter caps.
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Whatever you choose, remember that the adapter will save you 95% of future filter costs. You can find out more details and choose the appropriate option on the website