Ten Rustic Home Decor Ideas

June 10, 2019 By santosh

Ten Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Looking to transform your home into a rustic retreat? Add charming accents to your space to create a farmhouse-inspired rustic home. All it takes is a few unique pieces and you can create a whole new feel.

No matter your decor needs, we have rustic options that will add extra life to your home. From coffee tables to wood shelving we’ve collected options that you can copy exactly or modify to fit your tastes. Kickstart your decorating projects by looking through our 40 rustic home decor ideas.

Enhance your rustic look even more with statement pieces. Design wood wall art or a personalized photo frame. Every piece you add will bring your rustic oasis to life.

1. DIY Plank Wall

plank wall covers a living room wall

Want to highlight a wall with a look that resembles shiplap? Try a plank wall you can build yourself. Paint your planks white or keep them natural.

2. Farmhouse Dining Table

wooden dining table with plant

Bring a cozy, farmhouse feel right into your dining room. Build a table out of beautiful wood slabs and white painted table legs.

3. Rustic Matting

photos with wooden frame hung on wall

Transform any photo into rustic home decor by using matting that resembles wood. Choose joyful family photos from walks in the park or playing in the field.

4. Milk Can Coffee Table

milk can coffee table is centerpiece of living room

A unique coffee table is a great conversation starter. Repurpose a vintage milk can by making it the base for your table, then secure a rounded wood piece to the top.

5. Floral Crowned Deer Head

roses on top of a skull

For decor that’s rustic, modern and bright, design your own floral crowned deer head. If you don’t have access to a deer skull, craft your piece out of antlers, branches or driftwood. Fasten assorted fabric flowers with a floral wire and loop them to your deer head.

6. Vintage Twist

chair with vintage print on it

An antique touch, like a patterned chair or couch, can make a stunning statement in a living room or bedroom. Consider vintage patterns for accent items, too, like pillows and rugs.

7. Wood Crate Centerpiece

wood crate centerpiece filled with pumpkins

Fashion a wooden box for decorations like pumpkins, flowers and candles. Give it a country decor feel by keeping the wood its natural color.

8. Clipboard Art

clipboards are used to showcase photos

Hang clipboards above a desk or in your kitchen for displaying photos and magazine articles. Choose wooden clipboards for a more rustic appearance.

9. Rustic Christmas Decor

christmas ornaments are hung on log

Looking for DIY rustic decor that utilizes driftwood? Tie pieces of string from your driftwood and secure festive accents in red and green for holiday decor.

10. Wooden Coffee Table

wooden table in living room

Build a charming coffee table for your living room. Keep your materials as rustic as possible with a wooden surface and white farmhouse legs. Set books and mason jarsfull of fresh flowers on your table for additional texture and personality.

Log Candle Holder

Turn logs into stylish candle holders by drilling a hole that matches the size of a battery-operated tea light. Surround your candles with decor for the season, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or springtime.


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