Colour Schemes to Make Your Home Look Bigger

June 10, 2019 By santosh

Colour Schemes to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Colour Schemes to Make Your Home Look Bigger

One of the common issues faced by today’s homeowners is limited space. This proves to be true especially for those living in HDBs and condo units, as they can only do so much with the floor area allotted to them. But if you are to look at the trending interior designs in Singapore, you will notice that there are a lot of ways to make a small space seem bigger, and one of these techniques involves the use of the right colour scheme.

Colours have a lot to do with interior design. They contribute to various factors, from creating a cosy environment to utilising available light, and as well as making it look like a room is more spacious than it actually is.

If you are to search for colour schemes to make your home look bigger, then do check out these shades that are often mentioned in interior designs in Singapore:

1.White and its variants.

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White is always the top choice when you want to make your room seem bigger, mainly because it reflects the light inside the space. It is often used in all rooms and works best on those with windows as it boosts the effect of natural light coming into the house.

You may want to work with the different shades of white, from off-white and beige on the walls, and a lighter, crisper shade on the mouldings. You may want to add a pop of colour as well, such as a bright yellow or red accent if you feel that the whites are too dominating to the eye.


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Pastel colours are also recommended on small rooms, as they too are able to distribute light evenly and make it seem like space is bigger it actually is. They are also calling on the eyes, so you are able to relax and feel at ease when you are in the room.

When working on pastels, you may follow the same rule as that in whites; use a soft pastel shade, such as baby pink or a very light shade of blue on the walls, and then use a lighter colour for the mouldings. You may also complement the colours by using drapes that are made of light fabric material to allow more light and air to pass through.


Surprisingly, grey is becoming a favourite colour for HDBs and condo units not only because of its minimalist approach but also for its urban and modern vibe. However, it is also a useful shade for spaces that you intend to look larger.

You may want to use grey if you want to make your ceilings look higher, as the shade offers a vertical approach when painted on a surface. It also creates an illusion of sparseness, especially when used on floors.

Grey can be a cold colour, however. To break the monotony, it provides, you may want to use accents of different textures on drapes, linens, and rugs. You may also want to use nature-inspired furniture and decorations, such as wooden furniture and house plants.



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